In February, 2006 SATT Inter-Supply was established to start as the importer and distributor company in the energy market field by Mr. Saripong A-tatatkavanichkul who graduated with an Engineering Degree in Electronics specializing in instrumentation and also has extensive experience and skills in the energy market with over 15 years experience in sales, supports and services.

Presently SATT become the distributor of numerous products that known in worldwide and used throughout in the world with an excellent reputation for quality.

SATT is Shift Ahead Talented Team – Through experience & knowledge gained by engineering teams at SATT have met many of their goals by offering superior customer service and support. SATT is not only a traditional trading company but it’s also both a sales and service company which offers “after the sale support” for all of the products it sells. SATT also provides “application solutions” for its customers that may have extreme, difficult field applications.

SATT have successfully in this business by providing our customers the best services, quick delivery and quality products with competitive prices. We continuously monitor and maintain the standardization scheme to achieve not only our goals but those of our customers as well.

We welcome your valued inquiries and look forward to serving you with any need you may have for any of our products or services.