Founded more than 40 years ago, Rotork is the world leader in the field of heavy duty actuators, systems and services, for motorisation and manual operation of adaptions, industrial valves and dampers. Rotork also distribute the ROM & RBM range of electric actuators. Actuated valves are major control elements in refineries, pipelines and water distribution systems, sewage and effluent treatment plants and in all industries in which liquids or gases are transported through pipes.

Rotork products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards of engineering - a principle which drives all areas of our business. So whether you require electric, fluid power, specialist gear or valve adaption products and services you’ll benefit from the same commitment to quality and technical innovation on which our reputation depends. Rotork has been at the forefront of actuation technology since the company was formed in 1957 and enjoys an unrivalled reputation for its commitment to the development of leading-edge techniques and processes.